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Before purchase:

How do I create my presentation?

Choose the required products through the search function and place the selected slides with drag & drop or the displayed plus sign into shopping cart.

Can I edit the colors?

You can adjust the colors with the displayed color palette.

Can I arrange the order of the slides?

With the displayed arrow buttons in the shopping cart you are able to arrange the slides in the required order.

Can I change the language from German to English in PowerPoint?

By changing the language settings the text on the slides does not automatically switch to the desired language (eg from German to English). Since the slides were created with a German version of PowerPoint, the master view and text functions (spell check etc.) are set in German. They have to be changed manually on each slide and any text field to the desired language. A solution from the manufacturer Microsoft was not yet developed.

How often can I use a slide in one presentation?

After the download you can use a slide as often as you wish.

Can I download the slides in different colors and do I have to pay again?

In the first order you can only select one color for all your slides. In the next purchase however you are free to download the same slide in different colors without being charged any Credits.

Can I get a test slide before purchase?

We provide a variety of free products under the category “Free Products” to test the quality and the functionality of the products.

How do I get free products?

As a newsletter subscriber you have access to all free Templates. Please open an account and mark the field “newsletter subscriber”. With our newsletter you will receive 10 credits (usable for all products), new free templates, an overview of our newest designs, great offers and really useful tips and tricks for PowerPoint.


How do I purchase?

  1. Place all slides you would like to purchase with drag & drop or the displayed plus sign in the shopping cart
  2. Click on the button “Display cart / buy” and follow request “Continue to next step”.
  3. The following process steps will guide you through the whole order to the payments and download.

Where can I download my invoice?

You have access to the invoice pdfs in your account on our website when you log in under “my account”.

Where can I download my products?

You have access to the ordered products in your account on our website. Log in under “my account”.


How do I pay the Credits?

You have the option to make the payment for your Credit-Packages with PayPal, Visa, Mastercard , American Express, Direct Payment, Different Debit Cards: Carte bleue, Visa Electron, Servired, Postepay and payment in advance via bank transfer.

Data protection:

How safe is my data and my credit card information?

All relevant customer data and acquisition processes are protected by the SSL encryption. The SSL 2.0 procedure is applied which is successfully used by a number of banks for their online banking. Beyond this we are continually reviewing our security measures and we aim to maintain them at the highest level.

Usage rights:

How does the license apply?

The usage of our products is user unlimited. The standard license permits all employees of one business location to use the downloaded products. With the license model „global license“, you can provide all employees in all your business locations with your Charteo products. You can use this license model for your worldwide business!
Credit packages and the flat-rate subscription plan contain automatically the standard license for all products. With the purchase of the individual adjusted Enterprise package you will receive with all downloaded products the global license.

Can I pass on my templates or sell them?

As a customer you are obliged not resell, rent or lend the purchased services, products and templates. Customers are not allowed to transfer the usage rights of the purchased services, products and templates against payment or free of charge to third parties.

Can I copy and print my presentations?

The usage rights of the customers apply to all electronic, printed and reproduced contents such as:
  1. Presentations and hand outs with unlimited circulation
  2. Use of print media such as brochures, prospectuses as well as business illustrations
  3. Storage of the services, products and templates on the intranet server and / or network

Rights of withdrawal

The customer has no right to revoke as in accordance with § 312d (4) Nr. 1 BGB (German Civil Code) the provided services, products and templates are not suitable for restitution. In the case that the customer has not received the download link via email or for any other reason is not able to download the purchased services, products and templates then the customer needs to contact Charteo. In this case Charteo will resend the email free of charge.
Charteo GmbH, Lauterenstrasse 37, 55116 Mainz, Germany, E-Mail:

What happens to the remaining credit in my account?

As your credits don’t expire, they will remain in your customer account. You can redeem your credits any time as needed. It is not possible to transfer the credits but all employees of one business are authorized to access to the account. The scope depends on the inquired license. The remaining credits will not be disbursed.
* All prices excl. tax, Direct Download