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Innovationspreis IT 2012

Terms of use

The customer (and in accordance with § § 15 et seq with the customer affiliates) may use as part of the purchase by Charteo given "standard license/global license" products for their own (commercial) use, but not for the business purposes third parties. In the products contained content (such as images, etc.) may not be used outside of the products.

Upon the full payment of the compensation the customer obtains the time and place unrestricted right to use, store, copy, replicate, print as well as edit the products and their contents and use the by the customer edited products to present and publish. The products may only be used for the customers own purposes (such as in accordance with the articles of incorporation by customers). 

The customer is also entitled to publish these products on his website using the logo of Charteo or other appropriate copyright references to Charteo and making them available as long as this file in a non-editable file (such as pixel graphics in a PDF). The publishing of a vector format prohibited. By the customer edited products must also contain conforming information.

The customer is on the other hand (with the exception of the above regulations) not entitled to offer, sell or distribute the products (unedited or modified version) or to pass them on and grant title to the rights to any third party. The customer is not allowed to edit, resell, rent or lease the products in particular for third parties and their business purpose. It is especially not allowed to use the products as part of an agency business for third parties.

Examples of legitimate and illegal transfer of products to third parties:

  1. Permitted is for example, the release of the products (original or modified version) to customers for their internal use as part of training. Not allowed is in this context, the simultaneous transmission of copyright § § 15 ff to the customers.

  2. Not allowed is for example, the use of the products whether free or for a charge (original or modified version) with the simultaneous establishment of processing, reproduction and / or publication rights to third parties.

  3. Not allowed is for example the isolated use of the content included in the products (images, graphics and maps) outside of the products. This content may not be separated from the products and used for different purposes.

  4. Any other use of the products is strictly prohibited and requires the prior written consent of Charteo. The customer is especially not allowed to offer the products on other websites, portals and social networks and provide them for download whether free or for a charge. The customer agrees to indemnify Charteo from all third party claims, arising out of the infringement of in these terms and conditions listed duties and / or other acts of the customer provided that such damages are not attributable Charteo. The Customer undertakes under exclusion of the objection to pay a contractual penalty for each breach of these terms and conditions of an immediately payable EUR 10.000, -. This penalty will be deducted from any damages of Charteo, the customer has the right to the evidence of lesser damage.

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