Data Diagrams

Visualize and Manage Data Volume with Data-Driven Charts

Data-driven diagrams allow you to visualize data, numbers, and analyses. Whether you are presenting the data with column, cake or waterfall diagrams, or want to show survey values or explain share prices, you will find the appropriate charts for your needs. Network diagrams, line diagrams, and donut charts can help you understand and illustrate key figures or KPIs, size ratios, and results. Depending on the purpose of your presentation, you will find customized charts that can be used to create different presentations using the same data. For example, histograms allow a direct comparison of values or an analysis of various years. With cockpit charts, different aspects of a data set can be displayed in multiple representations. Cockpit charts are primarily used as part of a management information system or a data warehouse.

Combination charts allow you to compare data with composite bar and curve charts in one graphic. Developments in revenue, growth rates, trends or distributions can be clearly visualized with vertical or horizontal timelines and scales.

Pareto charts are used to rank values and analyze errors. Dashboards, on the other hand, are an excellent way to visualize evaluations and figures, as well as the steps and stages of a project. For example, you can set the tachometer pointer to current values or desired color (green, yellow, red).

Depending on the topic or objective of the presentation, forms (e.g. columns) can be replaced by relevant object-oriented graphics (mountains, buildings, thermometers, etc.).

Our extensive selection provides you with the appropriate graphics for your data, indicators or project-related analyses. Create a clear and accessible presentation for your audience.