Graphic & Objects

Graphic Objects to Support your Presentation Content

We provide an extensive toolbox of shapes, objects and persona icons to use in your presentation. You will find a large selection of useful objects in modern flat design covering topics such as finance, e-commerce, investment, sales, marketing, communication, technology, production or personnel management. Graphic objects are also ideal for representing abstract concepts such as success, challenge, obstacles, risk, innovation, cooperation/teamwork and evaluation.

These multi-functional objects can be used to visualize and highlight various aspects or ideas.

For example, you can use gears to symbolize interrelated processes or collaborations. Represent product development and innovation with test tubes and glass flasks. Or use symbols such as rockets or magnifiers to signify such terms as start-up launch or analysis.

In this category, you will also find a large selection of persona icons with speech bubbles and placeholders for text to represent various roles and activities within a company.