Isolated Images & Motifs

Enhance your Presentation with Isolated Images and Motifs

Discover a wide selection of individual images and motifs to suit your presentation topic or statement. The different images presented on a white background can be used as is, placed in a context, or combined into a new slide.

Included in this category are motifs from a wide range of topics such as finance, technology, communication, cooperation, office space or competition. You will find an extensive selection of objects and 3D figures to serve your presentation needs.

Explain the career ladder or project stages with a picture of stairs. You can also make descriptions, keywords, and titles more interesting by placing them, for example, on images of business cards.

With 3D people silhouettes, which depict different activities and situations, you can represent a wide variety of business topics. Clarify concepts such as competition with the start of a race. Or show an image of a handshake when referring to collaborations or negotiations.

Add images to your presentation and illustrate your message.