PowerPoint Templates

We offer an extensive selection of slides ideal for business presentations or personal use. Our versatile PowerPoint templates can be customized to your individual needs.

Here you will find a variety of charts and diagrams to help you visualize your content. Format numbers, structures or processes with our data-driven diagrams, flow charts and conceptual diagrams. Timelines and Gantt charts can help you plan and distribute your work.

Circle shapes can be used to show circular processes, while matrices and tables can illustrate facts and comparisons. International locations or the interests and activities of your company can be displayed on maps.

Use our collection of objects, shapes, and silhouettes to highlight terms, topics, and situations.

Find templates that suit your requirements from our wide range of PowerPoint slides and impress your audience with professional and attractive layouts.

  • Year-round Gantt chart with colored tasks
  • Project management phases and milestones visualized as funnel
  • Red lighthouse on rocky island at the sea
  • Conceptual diagram of placeholder circles orbiting around target
  • Four-step process flowchart made of different shapes
  • Factory building with production process in manufacturing sector
  • Automated industrial production line in operation
  • Overlayed pie chart with segments extending outwards
  • Complex compass with compass dial and needle
  • Chess piece graphics with different optics
  • Silhouette of an electricity generating plant
  • Process flow model with nine circles and branches
  • Circular process flow diagram with beginning and steps
  • Line graph merging into funnel illustrating several outcomes
  • Gantt chart with year timeline and task list
  • Street map with road and digital location pins
  • Column diagram made of skyscrapers with percentages
  • Column graph as grid of circles visualizing percentages
  • Tilted world map with banner pins at locations
  • Round persona avatar with portrait photo including description 3
  • Project management timeline displaying progress of tasks
  • Silhouette of man and two women standing together
  • Column difference graph with four peaks per section
  • Infographic of iceberg largely under water with placeholders
  • Puzzle diagram in form of a ring chart
  • Process cycle for business excellence with seven steps
  • Radial process diagram with six numbered orbiting circles
  • Standing target with three arrows and indentations
  • Traditional ship's wheel with wooden spokes and nave
  • Single horizontal ribbon banner creasing downwards
  • Triangle diagram made of small triangles with percentages
  • Two donut charts with four segments and description
  • Three plants in different growth stages
  • Detailed depictions of a three-directional traffic light
  • Shape of country with city names - Austria
  • Gantt chart with text boxes and pie diagram
  • Timeline development process flowchart with several icons
  • Industrial production line with big machinery in operation
  • Silhouettes of eight male personas as icons
  • Shining light bulb as concept diagram with placeholders