Accentuate your Presentation Content with People and Object Silhouettes

A silhouette is a two-dimensional representation of an object, identified only by its outline. The object is uniformly filled in with a solid color, drawing focus to its form and contour. Silhouettes can depict both objects and people.

Templates of people silhouettes can help you depict personal relationships, hierarchical relationships, and networks. For example, use the graphics to represent management, or to present teams and their roles, or stakeholder groups.

Object silhouettes are useful to visually support the presentation of terms or facts without distracting from the content. By reducing the object to its outline, these versatile silhouettes can be easily understood by any audience.

For something different, try using our reverse silhouettes where the object and background colors are exchanged.

Put your content in the right light with silhouettes of industrial buildings, consumers, skylines or commercial vehicles.

  • Silhouette of factory with oil tank and furnace
  • Silhouette of simple telescope on tripod
  • Silhouette of a runner in the starting block
  • Silhouette of factory with smoking industrial chimneys
  • Silhouette of factory with furnace and industrial chimney
  • Silhouette of a two-story single-family house
  • Silhouette of a big city skyline with skyscrapers
  • Inverted silhouettes of eight people personas as icons
  • Silhouette of railway train station with clock
  • Silhouettes of two men shaking hands
  • Silhouette of human brain in person's head
  • Silhouette of bull and bear
  • Silhouette of oil rig with cranes
  • Silhouette of three differently shaped skyscrapers
  • Silhouette of man and woman carrying shopping bags
  • Silhouettes of two women with handbags
  • Grey silhouette of closing zipper
  • Silhouette of a detached one-story bungalow
  • Silhouette of bank or government building with pillars
  • Silhouette of an optical microscope with focus knobs
  • Silhouette of businessman with glasses and tie
  • Silhouette of small Ferris wheel with passenger cabins
  • Silhouette of two tall skyscrapers
  • Inverted silhouette of a tall crane
  • Two busy people reading tablet or newspaper
  • Silhouette of refinery with two distillation towers
  • Silhouette of human brain with word cloud
  • Silhouettes of graduating students as persona icons
  • Silhouettes of female student and teaching professor
  • Silhouette of crane hook lifting weight
  • Silhouette of clapperboard or film slate
  • Silhouettes of eight male personas as icons
  • Silhouette of standing people with speech bubbles
  • Silhouette of woman and man carrying luggage
  • Silhouette of man painting on easel
  • Silhouette of city skyline with skyscrapers
  • Silhouette of camera leaf shutter in six parts
  • Silhouette of ancient temple with pillars and flag
  • Separate jigsaw puzzle pieces as icons and silhouettes
  • Silhouette of woman hugging man with a bag